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A Python wrapper of Meta's Threads API
15 Jul (Archive)
A comprehensive, precise, and pedantic branch of set theory pertaining to food categorization.
10 Jul (Archive)
This page displays the current size of a hypothetical print edition of the English Wikipedia (without images) in print volumes, per mathematical calculation
9 Jul (Archive)
Generate barcodes of pre purchased tickets

"I think we can all agree: Fuck TicketMaster. I hope their sleazy product managers and business majors read this and throw a tantrum. I hope their devs read this and feel embarrassed. It’s rare that I feel genuine malice towards other developers, but to those who designed this system, I say: Shame."
reversed pwnagotchi : netgotchi lives to protect your network
Birb is an advanced programming language that only consists of bird emojis 🐣. Each emoji gets substituted by a combinator bird of pure lambda calculus.
8 Jul (Archive)
"An open source fediverse server with a long history of innovation. The primary focus is on privacy, consent, resilience, and the corresponding improvements in online safety that this provides."

Federated Access Control : Works with Federated Single Sign-on to provide private/protected media and web resources to anybody, including those visiting from different sites.

Groups : Public, private, and moderated. These work across nearly all fediverse platforms.

Events : Calendar and attendance; automatic timezone adjusted birthday notifications for friends using this feature.

Permissions : Because not everybody wishes to converse with and share intimate facets of their life with random strangers.

Cloud storage : Built-in network file storage integrated with federated access control and social networking access/permissions. Available over WebDAV.

Editor : Supports markdown, html, and bbcode. Use any or all of these in any post to create a media rich experience. Post editing and preview are supported.

Share : Drag-and-drop a number of different things such as files, photos, videos, webpages, maps, fediverse articles, and phone numbers to share them.

Lists : Sometimes referred to as circles or aspects, this lets you define your own groups of related friends and communicate with them as a private group.

Extend : Change or upgrade your software functionality as desired by installing additional features from addons and the free app collection.

Guest Pass: Provide special guest access to private resources and media - on your terms.

Friend Zoom: Set your degree of closeness to any connection and then interactively zoom in to filter your stream to close friends; or zoom out to see posts by casual acquaintances.

Location Services: Check-in, check-out, and search by distance

Delivery Reports: In a decentralised multi-platform world, stuff happens. Sites and networks sometimes go down. Project developers sometimes introduce bugs and incompatibilities. This allows you to determine what happened to your post or comment and where it actually went once you published it.

Failsafe: Clone your online identity and content to multiple sites using the Nomad protocol and mirror any changes in near realtime. Then, if your chosen site goes down (either temporarily or permanently) or you get booted off of it for some reason, your online life doesn't have to come to an end or force you to start over. All your friends and all your content are available on any of your cloned instances - at any time.

Provides the ActivityPub "Client to Server" API for use with external apps.
PS4 emulator for Windows and Linux

open source project and free service to help users manage, share and discover collections, reviews and ratings for culture products (e.g. books, movies, music, podcasts, games and performances) in Fediverse.
an unofficial fork of Shortyz
with wider-ranging support for a variety of puzzle types (e.g. grids that don't
follow a standard across/down set-up) and other customisations.

Play crosswords! Full board view, clue list view, make notes about clues, anagram helper.
Support for block, bar, and acrostic puzzles. Puzzles don't have to be across/down. E.g. rows gardens and marching bands are supported in JPZ and IPuz.